General Builders Services Business Activities

The General Builders Services Business is a business that provides planning, design, project supervision and construction management services as well as construction, maintenance, installation, repair and renovation including demolition of buildings or structures, systems, building utilities, industrial facilities and other physical forms.

The General Builders services business activities are a type of business or activity that is needed in supporting the development of government or private facilities and infrastructure either as property or infrastructure that has an important role in supporting economic and social activities in the life of society and the state.

In a broader sense, construction service business activities are activities to realize, maintain, change, improve, complete or destroy structures and their completeness and rebuild a building, structure, facility, system or other physical form as property or infrastructure involving the construction supply chain starting from the goods industry, construction materials, construction technology and equipment and construction labor.

On a large scale, construction services business activities include design, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) carried out through careful assessment, planning and design or in an integrated manner for the construction of buildings, oil and gas facilities, roads and railways, ports, dams and others involving consultants and contractors as construction service providers. While on a small scale construction services business activities ranging from construction and renovation of residential houses, installation of glass / gypsum partitions, roofing and canopy work, installation of doors and windows, frame work, doors and windows, installation of glass and aluminum, dismantling walls and floors, installation and installation of air conditioners, painting and others carried out by the Contractor.

The General Builders Services are business activities carried out by consultants and contractors related to construction projects. Construction Services also provide design and planning, build buildings and structures to post-construction activities. Construction services include activities to build government or private facilities and infrastructure.

As the spearhead and main pillar in the provision and development of sustainable infrastructure in Indonesia, construction services have a major share and have a broad impact on the economic activities of the community, the opening of employment opportunities and the smooth production and distribution of goods and services to support the country’s economic growth starting from the preparation stage, the implementation of construction work as well as the operation and maintenance of infrastructure in achieving national development goals.

This is considering construction services as an industry that processes raw materials and materials that produce construction products such as buildings or buildings, roads and bridges, railways, airports, ports, dams, factories, oil and gas facilities, power plants, irrigation networks, clean water and waste treatment, telecommunications networks, and others as property or infrastructure.

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The General Builders Company Services are construction work planning consulting services, construction work implementation services, and construction work supervision consulting services.


There are several types of construction services:

  • Construction planners, which are service providers of persons (individuals) or business entities that are declared experts and professionals in the field of construction service planning, and are able to realize work in the form of building planning documents or other physical forms. Generally, these construction planners are called Planning Consultants. The scope of activities includes survey activities, general planning, project feasibility studies, operation planning, development studies to the preparation of construction and maintenance work contract documents.
  • Construction executor, which is a service provider that provides construction work implementation services which include a series of activities or parts of activities, starting from field preparation to the final delivery of construction work results. Construction executors are called Construction Contractors who become project heads or project managers. The scope of its activities includes a series of activities from field preparation to the final delivery of construction work. In short, the contractor is tasked with working on a planning result into a building or other physical form.
  • Construction supervisor, which is a service provider of people (individuals) or business entities that are declared experts and professionals in the field of construction service supervision, and are able to carry out supervisory work from the beginning of the implementation of construction work until completion and handover. Construction supervisors are referred to as Supervisory Consultants.

In a construction project, it will usually involve several integrated construction works to be able to realize a building, starting from architectural, civil, electrical to environmental work. There are six fields of construction implementation services which include:

  • Architecture: the scope of work includes simple, medium, high-tech building architecture, building interior architecture, landscape architecture (including maintenance), commercial buildings, outdoor sports facilities, single housing, multi-residential housing, building accessory installation work, wall work, glass window work, wood, metal along with various maintenance.
  • Mechanical: the scope of work includes air conditioning installation, oil/gas/geothermal installation, industrial installation, elevator and escalator construction, piping, insulation in buildings, construction of conveyances, installation of production facilities, as well as construction equipment provider services.
  • Electrical: the scope of work includes electrical installation works, power generation installations, new energy power generation installations, railway signals and telecommunications, telecommunications for air and sea navigation aids, telecommunication centers, lightning rods, and radio transmitter buildings, power transmission, power distribution networks, control and instrumentation installations, including maintenance.
  • Civil: the scope of work includes construction of highways, flyovers, bridges, railways, airstrips, tunnels, underpasses, urban drainage, flood control channels, irrigation networks/dams/water resources infrastructure, building structures, mine and factory construction, demolition work, land preparation and stripping, grading, foundation execution, concreting, steel construction, paving and maintenance.
  • Environmental Planning: The scope of work includes urban planning, environmental impact analysis, environmental engineering, regional development, water and sewage treatment and piping, oil piping, gas piping, groundwater drilling, reforestation and maintenance.